2019 saw the proud launch of aWomen’s Empowerment Programme by BAF.

This programme is where we work directly with the women in the villages to strengthen their existing home industries, the main objective is to improve their economic welfare.

The main industries exist for these islands banana chips and fish crackers and currently, Bawah Reserve has purchased various snacks from these women and serves them to their guests.

To ensure quality and to continually improve, BAF will hold ongoing training for these women supported by Bawah Reserve team (the chef, etc.) In the future there will be more BAF products to be found on Bawah, we have identified other potential industries such as candle and soap making, other food products, and tailoring. In the future, our plan is to go beyond Bawah as we intend to broaden our market further than the Reserve once we have achieved the highest quality product possible.

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