Being some of the remotest villages and being far from Tarempa, which is the main hub and government district for the area) these villages lack money to pursue higher education. 

Most of the villagers are only secondary and high school graduates and end up being fishermen.

BAF’s goal is to show them alternative ways to earn an income and give them a few viable options. On Telaga we have introduced organic agriculture as the land is fertile as well as home industry to create innovative food products from the harvest.

They are able to sell high-quality products and products to their neighbour Bawah Reserve who have committed to purchase the harvest of the organic farms at market price. Currently, we are working with five farmers which 4 of them were fishermen, five youth, and five housewives. The organic farm has delivered harvest every month to Bawah Reserve. Unfortunately, as the farm is organic, it is more susceptible to pest issues and can be very difficult to manage, causing crop failure. To address this issue, BAF will build a greenhouse allowing the farmers to have a better harvest.

Future plans: installation of a chicken farm to be explored as another livelihood for the people of Anambas.

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