His experience and expertise in the field of Marine and Fisheries, Bawah Reserve asked Dr. Aji Sularso as a consultant to build an eco-friendly resort on Pulau Bawah which is located in the south of the Anambas Islands, before then asking him to join as one of the directors.

Having the same vision with the owner, that the waters and forest areas in Anambas must be preserved, both of them are aware that ecotourism is an attraction, as well as added value of a tourism product. Today, many people are actually tempted to visit a place that is still in good condition. Difficulties in access are also part of an unforgettable adventure and experience that will always be interesting to retell.

“Green practices are very important to be applied in the hotel industry today, because the vision of society has changed. Looking for a vacation spot that is still preserved, even those that have not been touched and haven’t been visited by many people, has now become a lifestyle – and this can only be realized by applying the concept of ecotourism, “said retired Navy who had held a number of important positions in the Ministry of Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery.

The concept of ecotourism applied by Pulau Bawah resort is not solely carried out in the operations of the resort which is serious about implementing waste management and energy saving, but also by establishing a foundation to deal with environmental preservation and community empowerment, with funds that originate from resort benefits. According to one of the figures behind the success of a number of Sail Indonesia events, the urgent thing that must be done by the Bawah Anambas Foundation is to increase public awareness to protect the environment around their homes through socialization and campaigning, which is accompanied by community empowerment through education and the provision of alternative livelihoods.

“The local government, both at the provincial and district levels, has expressed full support for the efforts that will be made by the Bawah Anambas Foundation, but they must also be actively involved in making concrete programs that will have a direct impact on the community.”