Asri is a city girl who loves travel to nature and has big passion to protect the environment. For the past few years, she has been focusing her life to explore remote areas in Indonesia, to learn about the country she loves very much. Sadly, she founds trash everywhere she goes: at the beach, in the ocean, on the way to the waterfall, and up on the mountain. It finally changed her mindset which make her quit from her previous job and dedicating her life to educate people about waste issue until she finally asked to join Bawah Anambas Foundation.

In Bawah Anambas Foundation, she was originally trusted to only design and manage solid waste management programme on Bawah Island and the other two community islands, where she finally responsible to manage the whole programmes covered in the 3 visions: above, below, and beyond. She loves working at the foundation not only she can do something that she’s passionate about, but also because she’s surrounded with amazing team who eager to learn and have the same passion.

Graduated cum laude from Master of Marketing Communication, University of Indonesia, Asri also has work experiences in communication and sustainability fields for more than 9 years in various multinational companies. With the academic’s background and professional experiences, she combines the two into a communicative way to bring the message and educating the people, not only on waste issue, but on the overall programmes managed by Bawah Anambas Foundation. Started with 3 islands in Anambas, she believes Bawah Anambas Foundation has done and will do greater in the region and Indonesia.

Furthermore, she is implementing an eco-friendly lifestyle as much as she can in her daily life such as by not using single use plastic anymore, which has become a good example to the people who knows her. She wishes by giving the example, people will be inspired and more aware on the importance to protect the environment.